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1/18/11 02:02 am - Long time no post...

Yeesh its been forever since i updated this damn thing...yet im on here almost an app fpr my ipad..might start writing here again on my lunch breaks instead of playing silly ipad gakes...some semblance of productivity!

Life is good...working hard...hardly working...

Moved recently into a bigger apartment...i have my own damn room now D: i havent had one in like....five six years...its quiet :3 totally got to zen out the place and make iit my own lil escape pad..definitely comfy!

Also...ipad faggotry....:3

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....that is all :3

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6/24/10 08:44 am - End of the world? D:

So we got hit with an earthquake yesterday...was fairly cool, very little damage. People here were more amused by it rather than scared. Got to take an extra 20- minute break while they inspected the buildings :D

Then they forcasted a major Thunderstorm last night...when tornadoes started touching down!

God must have really hated Ontario yesterday "nod"

4/29/10 11:15 am - Writer's Block: Tolerance 101?

If you could create/select a new subject that had to be taught in high school, what would it be, and why?

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I know we had a Economics class in highschool..but it was elective..I'd like to see a class to understand finances such as loans, mortgages,credit, etc.

Working in a bank...i can see how clueless people are about credit x.x...would be nice to see SOME basic financial understanding besides "Buy now, pay later"

3/6/10 10:26 pm - I DONT LIKE CHANGE D:

Yet i ended up with Windows 7.......Go me!

1/18/10 08:31 pm - *Gasp!* Im actually posting something?!?!

Why not? :3 ask me some anonymous questions!

9/5/09 12:20 pm - Rest in peace Buddy..

Chewy Two-Shoes "Buddy" Green.
Sept 1996- Sept 2009.

5/11/09 09:04 pm - ...Yay :3

New Job? Check!
$2 more/hr? Check!
Fulltime with overtime,  Free Health Benefits right from the get go, premiums and bonuses up the ying yang, company credit card? Check!

I may be working for a credit card company, but damn they treat us good :3

3/18/09 11:51 am - Fuck!

Im getting laid off x.o

Our company is shutting down our time to find a new job x.x Go economy!

1/29/09 10:11 pm - Writer's Block: Opposites Attract

What celebrity would you consider changing your sexual identity for?

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David Bowie :D

12/23/08 06:14 pm - Christmas just got a lil better!


so a little bit of additional stuff that happened in regards to my computer. I got it cheap because it was an "open box" model. It seemed okay, so i took it home...of course they forgot the power cable >.< so after hooking it up using my parent's cable i booted it up and found that there was still another user account active. Not only that..there was a nice little folder on the desktop called "My12inchcock"


hmm... Guess what i found inside?

Of course, my mom was sitting right next to me at the time...She of course was furious. We ended up going back to the store, got the manager over and told him what we found..He was livid and stormed off to the tech guy. 5 minutes later, he pulled out a better model computer (about $150 more) and brought it over to us and apologized profusely for the mix up.

Yay! I got to walk out of there with an even better computer, plus a 50 gift card :) Hehe, best part is that my brother works there too, he told me the manager brought all the tech guys together and chewed them all out for it..awesome :3

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